Your colour! Pop knitted camera strap!

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Product No.: pyacs00002
Furvege(Fruits and vegetables) island is crowded with lots of tourists regardless of the season.
Knitted camera straps that are special products of Furvere island have arrived!

They are cute straps that can hold accessories of the size of 500 yen coin.

Please select the colour of the camera body, camera top, button from the sample image and order. They are also recommended as gifts for loved ones such as family, friends, or lovers.

[About parts selection]
1. Camera body & 2. Camera top
You can choose your favorite colour from the following knit sample.
1. Beniaka (#E5004F / 紅赤 / bright red tinged with yellow)
2. Ruri (#2A5CAA / 瑠璃 / lapis lazuli)
3. Kogecha (#6A4D32 / 焦茶 / blackish-brown)
4. Shikkoku (#080000 / 漆黒 / black with a deep gloss)
5. Nageshiko (#EEBBCB / 撫子 / red thin pink line that Purplish a little like a flower of pink)
6. Umegasane (#E9546B / 梅重 / bright reddish color like a red plum blossoms)
7. Kujakumidori (#008E74 / 孔雀緑 / vivid blue-green)
8. Kuchinashi (#FDD876 / 梔子 / little reddish yellow dyed with gardenia nuts)
9. Fakamidori (#004025 / 深緑 / deep, dark black strong taste and bluish green)
10. Usuzakura (#FCF5F7 / 薄桜 / white, including a slightly red Mi)
11. Edomurasaki (#745399 / 江戸紫 / bluish‐purple dyed in Edo era)
12. Shiraai (#D4ECEE / 白藍 / pale blue that contains a yellowish)
13. Mikan (#F08300 / 蜜柑 / yellow-red such as the mandarin)
14. Byakuroku (#DAEAD0 / 白緑 / pale green tinged white)
15. Usufuji (#C7C3E1 / 薄藤 / pale blue purple mauve of traditional colors)
16. Junpaku (#FFFFFF / 純白 full white with no unmixed)
17. Mugiwara (#E3C576 / 麦藁 / the color of straw)
18. Wakaba (#A4CA68 / 若菜 / soft yellow-green)

3. Button
You can choose your favorite button from the following button sample.

[About this work]
Made with gemstones and wax cords.

They are made to order.

Please note. Because they are handmade, we would like to ask for a purchase after having understood beforehand that there are individual differences unique to handmade works.

We hope you like them.


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